The 2020 summer Catalan Chess Circuit, with a full schedule of OTB tournaments, had to be cancelled last year due to the pandemic. This year, the Catalan Chess Federation wants to reactivate the 2021 Catalan Circuit of International Chess Tournaments again.

Some tournament directors have already confirmed that that they will not be able to organize their events due to the current health situation, but many others are willing to go ahead with their event, in the new post pandemic era.

The 2021 Circuit edition will feature this set of "surviving" international tournaments, with a duration from May to September. Nevertheless, circuit events not organized this summer will not disappear, but will be postponed to next year.

The new Catalan Chess Circuit will feature a total of 19 OTB tournaments, with 6 “classic” and 13 “rapid” time control events. However, this schedule will be subject to the evolution of the pandemic: some new events may be added later and tournament dates may change.

The 2021 edition of the Catalan Chess Circuit will continue to benefit from the sponsorship of the Catalan Sports Council (Generalitat de Catalunya). However, both the general and rating sections standings will disappear.


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