The Catalan Grand Prix of International Open Chess Tournaments (from now on, Circuit Català) is a series of international open chess tournaments held from May to September.

The Circuit Català is organized by the Catalan Chess Federation (FCE) and sponsored by the Catalan Sports Council of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

The 2017 series will consist of 23 tournaments and three candidate tournaments. The 23 tournaments which count towards the Circuit Català are divided into 12 standard chess events and 11 rapid chess events.

All tournaments must meet certain requirements regarding organization and funding so as to ensure a high standard of quality.
The total number of games played in the Circuit Català will be around 25,000, and some will be live broadcast online.

Around 3,500 players, from more than 50 different nationalities, will participate in the Circuit Català.

Each tournament will have its own set of prizes, and will also give points towards the overall standings established by the Catalan Chess Federation. The prize fund for the 2016 overall standings will be 12,000€, with a total prize fund of around 110,000€.



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