After two difficult years due to the pandemic, with the obligatory cancellation of the Catalan Chess Circuit in 2020 and the holding of few tournaments in 2021, the Catalan Chess Federation wants to reactivate the Catalan Chess Circuit and try to return to normal in this year 2022.

Most tournaments look strong to return to the Circuit calendar, which we celebrate and support from the FCE.

The 2022 edition will begin in May and run through September. The new Catalan Circuit will have a total of 32 confirmed tournaments, which are divided into 13 classic format and 17 active format. This calendar, because it cannot be otherwise, is still subject to the evolution of the pandemic, so there may be some changes in the date or maybe, hopefully not, some forced downtime.

The “Circuit Català 2022” will continue to enjoy the sponsorship of the Consell Català de l’Esport (Generalitat de Catalunya), and will recover the prizes of the classification of the Circuit Català, both the general and the sections. Of course, these awards are conditional on the Catalan Circuit being held normally.


XVIII Catalan Grand Prix of International Open Chess Tournaments Calendar



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